套一句現在常用語 嚇很大


雖然已經看過很多類似的報導 但都是用疑似或者是假設語氣去用

這次有嚇到我 也不知道嚇到的原因

總之會想要看裡面的內容 如果現在在書店 可能把它買回家

因為真的很好奇~(OS :是因為幻想成真)

As Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filmed their intense, romantic scenes as lovers Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight, they began to fall for each other offscreen. That makes perfect sense, according to their castmate Ashley Greene. "I get little crushes on a lot of people who I work with," Ashley, who plays Alice Cullen, told Life & Style at Rock & Republic's Robertson store opening on June 11 in LA. "You have to make yourself believe there's something about them that you love."

But now that Rob, 23, has successfully wooed Kristen, 19, away from her boyfriend Michael Angarano, one insider wonders where their relationship will go. "For Rob, half the attraction with Kristen was the chase," the insider reveals. "He pursued her so heavily -- being a crazy romantic, proposing marriage and everything. Now that Rob's with her, it's just anticlimactic."

If Rob loses interest, it could have a major negative impact on the next three movies in the Twilight series, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. "People are just so enamored with the connection that they portray on-screen. If they failed to do that in the second and third ones, I think we'd be in trouble," Ashley says. "They're great on-screen, and obviously they get along," Ashley tells Life & Style. "But maybe they should just not be a couple until after the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn."


在戲外產生戀情  蘿蔔從KRISTEN前男友手中搶到 現在蘿蔔追到手後 兩人正式在一起 難免蘿蔔會懈怠

如果蘿蔔喪失興趣的話 接下來的電影會沒有那麼甜蜜的感覺 在最後一句之前大概敘述是這樣吧! 

最後一句 要成為一對應該要等到破曉之後 (不知是這樣翻?)

???? 看完它的內容敘述 應該是騙很大的報導吧!


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