大家都為他瘋狂 看到這篇報導 真的還挺好笑的


外國人真的是很大膽 直接就撲上去了



保鑣一直大叫"BACK OFF"

女孩子還是沒聽到 一直往前



On Thursday, Robert Pattinson was grazed by a taxi in downtown New York near the Strand Bookstore while filming his upcoming drama "Remember Me." The "Twilight" star was reportedly fleeing from hysterical fans at the time of the near-crash.

One bystander, Nicholas Berrios, told MTV News that he caught sight of the accident as he was walking near the accident's site at Broadway and 12th Street around lunchtime, saying he "heard a lot of commotion."

"I looked, and a lot of people were around this one guy," he recalled about the incident, adding that he didn't realize that guy was RPattz until he got to work and was told that the actor had been hit by a car.

"I was like, 'Whoa!' " he said of his reaction when he found out the scene was all about Pattinson. "I could have totally gotten an autograph. ... I'm a pretty big fan of Robert Pattinson and 'Twilight.' It's funny, 'cause a lot of people don't have a visual of it. It was a pretty big scene [of girls and bodyguards]. The girls were loud and upset. I just wish I knew it was him!"


再附上瘋狂女子照片 真瘋狂ec3827345ed91b3490ef39e2.jpg d9a43b247135a04534a80fe2.jpg

不知道下禮拜去紐約 ROB會去哪邊拍呢?真想遇到他 也讓我從遠處拍照~~

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