美國1/18上映 這齣是喜劇片 看ROB的樣子也知道 不過我還是不懂劇情是如何? 之後在認真找找


點進去,裡面就有預告片 感覺是立志向上的好青年 追尋夢想 不過我可能會猜錯 因為他是喜劇

Dreamboat Records is pleased to announce we will releasing the CD soundtrack for the upcoming feature film How To Be, starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter). The soundtrack will be available to pre-order from Dreamboat Records from Sunday 1st March, 2009. We will have some exclusive surprises for fans of the film and Pattinson, so keep your eyes peeled over the the coming weeks for details of how to get hold of them.



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