Robert Pattinson is rumoured to be brushing off his modelling skills and striking a pose for the April issue of GQ magazine.

The Twilight heartthrob - who has spoken of his experiences as a teenage model - is reportedly following in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Craig by appearing in a sexy new shoot for the gentleman's title.

Conde Nast is yet to officially confirm Rob as an upcoming cover-boy but, with his mysterious good looks and rugged handsomeness, the British hunk definitely has GQ appeal.

Jennifer Aniston recently caused a stir with her provocative January cover in which she appeared naked save for a strategically-placed tie - kind of reminds us of this photo from Rob's past...

痾!看到 Jennifer一月份的封面 有點嚇到

ROB也要類似那種型態? 那就有點怪怪的

應該是不會吧! 他可是青少年偶像呢!



不過我得搞清楚 GQ有沒有分版本呀?




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